phedre-black-desirePhèdre at Trap Door
phedre-confessionPhèdre at Trap Door
phedre-and-hippolytusPhèdre at Trap Door
phedre-hippolytus-snubPhèdre at Trap Door
poster2155962112259722236417123388nwatch on the rhinephedre-postcard
nurse ibiza 2Eva Perón at Trap Door
nurse and motherEva Perón at Trap Door
evaEva Perón at Trap Door
IMG_6513A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians at Trap Door
IMG_6501A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians at Trap Door
unveiling2The Unveiling and Dozens of Cousins at Trap Door
385739102001451367735041332424713nThe Unveiling and Dozens of Cousins at Trap Door
30661610151225371984082360830622nThe Arsonists at Trap Door
193333710151192078139082581055008oThe Arsonists at Trap Door
557261588233841564137416741oJungle of Cities with Ka-Tet
Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.38.04 AMBetrayal on ABC
Victoria Chicago Fire PDChicago Fire on NBC


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