Tiffany has performed on stages in Poland, Romania and Greece, and around the US, including many stages in Chicago and Michigan.

Praise for Yen:

Jeff Awards raven montage YENJones review YENJeff Awards Recommended YENScreen Shot 2019-12-18 at 10.45.18 PM

  • Jeff Nomination, Tiffany Bedwell, Best Supporting Performer
  • Jeff Nomination, YEN, Best Production
  • Jeff Nomination, Elly Green, Best Director
  • Jeff Nomination, Claire Chrzan, Lighting Design
  • Jeff Citation, Netta Walker, Best Supporting Performer
  • Jeff Citation, Sam Hubbard, Artistic Specialization

“Yen at Raven Theater in Chicago. Elly Green’s direction of an incredible cast of actors took Anna Jordan’s script and brought out every emotion fathomable. I was a wreck leaving the theater.” New York Times “Your Picks For the Year’s Best” REBECCA SILBAR, Chicago

“Yen at Raven Theatre: This gorgeous little drama . . . Director Elly Green’s production was among the best productions in this long-established theater’s history, filled with actors offering up risky and uncompromising performances, all encapsulating the work’s central themes of longing and sadness. Beautiful.” Chicago Tribune, Theater top 10 in Chicago 2019, Chris Jones 

“. . . admirable craft and difficult truths. You might think of this show, which really is worth seeing by the strong of stomach, as a kind of reconstructive take on Chicago-style intensity; the acting work here is all first-rate and fully capable of inducing shivers of recognition . . .” Chicago Tribune, Recommended, 3 1/2★ out of 4, Chris Jones

“The cast’s four talented actors not only pull off convincing British accents but also manage to make their sometimes repugnant characters lovable. Their ugliness is real and can’t be helped.” Chicago Reader Recommended, Dmitry Samarov

“. . . the crass brilliance of Tiffany Bedwell’s Maggie. . .” New City Stage, Ben Kaye

“Bedwell and Lancaster have a dynamic that is painfully honest . . . ” Picture This Post, Lauren Katz – Highly Recommended

“. . . a stellar quartet of gifted actors . . .” Chicago Theatre Review – Highly Recommended

“. . . wonderfully energetic and compelling from the script to the caliber of acting. This performance is an unrelenting barrage of truth and complexity. . .” Chicago Stage Standard, Mary Crylen – Highly Recommended

“Maggie, solidly played by Tiffany Bedwell. . .” Around the Town Chicago


Praise for Dreaming Grand Avenue:

“… Dr. Emily Wandervogel (Tiffany Bedwell, excellent) who has her own ulterior motives for trying to get inside Maggie’s head.” -Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

Tiffany Bedwell Dreaming Grand Avenue

Praise for Naked:

Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended 
Around The Town Chicago-★★★★★Highly Recommended 
Third Coast Review- Recommended 
Picture This Post- Highly Recommended
Jeff Recommended!

“Martinovich has such a fierce Ersilia in Tiffany Bedwell, able to get both as fucked-up and as sympathetic as she needs to be. . .”  – Tony Adler, Chicago Reader

Jeff Recommended NAKED at Trap Door, Dir. Kay Martinovich

Naked, Trap Door Theatre, dir. Kay Martinovich
Naked, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Kay Martinovich
Naked, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Kay Martinovich




Praise for Fool for Love:

“Tiffany Bedwell as May is a powerhouse of emotion and brings a real complexity to this torn and frustrated character.” -The New Review Chicago

“May is ongoing, even when she leaves the main space, and it’s this sort of adjustment, as well as Bedwell’s powerful stage presence, that shifts this otherwise male-driven text into something more empathetic to women.”

“The now iconic roles of May and Eddie are brought to life by a prodigious Tiffany Bedwell and a devastatingly touching John Byrnes. . . In the wink of a eye, [Bedwell’s] May goes from heartbreaking to pathetic, and back. Time after time she is able to sustain both notes with absolute brio.” -Emilio Williams Playwright’s Notebook

I'm not goin' anywhere, I'm stayin' right here
Fool for Love, Facility Thr @ Chopin, Dir. Zeljko Djukic
I'm gonna tear her damn head off
Fool for Love, Facility Thr @ Chopin, Dir. Zeljko Djukic




Praise for Phèdre:

Phèdre, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Nicole Wiesner

“Tiffany Bedwell’s deliciously histrionic performance puts the drama in this drama queen.” – * * * Chicago Tribune 

“To say Tiffany Bedwell’s performance as Phèdre is arresting would be understatement: it’s hard to imagine a more invested and varied embodiment of one overwhelmed by forbidden and unrequited lust. Highly Recommended.”
– Chicago Critic

“Bedwell’s performance is an impressive reminder that just because an actress maintains an extreme emotional state for seventy-five minutes doesn’t mean she won’t find a varied and nuanced way of expressing it. . . Bedwell’s performance is the lynchpin. . . Highly Recommended.”
– Around the Town Chicago

“Trap Door . . . is the site of perhaps the greatest Chicago theater success in the last quarter century . . .Highly Recommended.”
– Chicago Reader




Praise for No Matter How Hard We Try:

The world we cannot be a part of
No Matter How Hard We Try, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Max Truax

“Bedwell and Pilch play off each other with a dash of sitcom energy, as if Lucy and Ethel accidentally wandered into Maxim Gorky’s ‘The Lower Depths.'”
-Chicago Tribune




Praise for Watch on the Rhine:

I don't love you. I never have.
Watch on the Rhine, The Artistic Home Theatre, Dir. Cody Estle

” . . . a lovely turn by Tiffany Bedwell. “
– Chicago Stage Standard




Praise for The Unveiling/ Dozens of Cousins:

The Unveiling & Dozens of Cousins, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Beata Pilch

” . . . succeeds thanks to the stellar performances of Tiffany Bedwell and Kevin Cox . . . . “
– Chicago Tribune

“[The] laser-sharp cast turn 65 minutes of increasing irrationality into a giddy psychological thrill ride.”
– Chicago Reader




Praise for The Arsonists:

The Arsonists, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Victor Quezada-Perez

“Tiffany Bedwell is elegantly peculiar as Mrs. Biedermann, realizing lovely layers to a potentially one-dimensional character. . . Four Stars.”
-Chicago Stage Review

“Tiffany Bedwell shrieks and smokes with aplomb as . . . Babette.”
-Chicago Theater Beat

“I was rather transfixed by the sheer quality of acting on display . . . . Recommended.”
-New City Stage

” . . . a magical theatrical experience that begs to be seen. . . . The acting and clowning plus the weirdly fine music made Trap Door’s production sizzle. . . . The Arsonists is a must see event.”

“Trap Door Theater ensemble has come out in force for ‘The Arsonists’ . . . . Altogether, it’s breathtaking. The set, costume, sound, props: all impeccable . . . . [T]his show is a wonder, and deserving of the highest accolades and attention . . . . [E]xcellent theater.”




Praise for Anger/Fly:

Anger/Fly, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Kate Hendrickson

“[David Steiger] is well-matched with Tiffany Bedwell as his wife, who wears a perpetually bright, perky, Teflon smile — until she doesn’t. It’s a gas watching them . . . . “
– Chicago Tribune

” . . . [T]he performances [are] so charismatic—even seductive—that I would’ve been transfixed under any circumstances.”
– Chicago Reader

“Nobody has sardonic smiles down pat quite like the raucous, challenging, giddy ensemble over at Trap Door Theatre.”
– Time Out Chicago

” . . . a visceral and truly stunning experience. This is Theatre of the Absurd done right . . . . [T]he ensemble absolutely shines and deserves mention by name: Tiffany Bedwell, Casey Chapman, Anya Clingman . . . . “
– Stage and Cinema

“The deliciously deranged ensemble takes on the madness at full throttle . . . . Stellar performances by the entire cast . . . . Four Stars.”
– Chicago Stage Review

” . . . [E]xtremely funny, thanks in large part to the actors’ silent-film-style intensity and deftness at rapidly oscillating between comedy and deadly seriousness.”
– New City Stage

” . . . the nine-person cast engenders rapt attention through their captivating performances.”
– Chicago Theater Beat




Praise for Jungle of Cities:

Jungle of Cities, Ka-Tet Theatre, Dir. Max Truax

” . . . a most engaging and powerful tour de force production by eleven of the strongest non-Equity actors in Chicago. It is a masterwork of the highest order, one that begs to be witnessed . . . . This is one of the best show[s] of the year!”

“The performances in Truax’s excellent staging are stylized but burn with intensity, giving the piece an air at once restrained and savage.” – Time Out Chicago

” . . . strong performances and adept direction.”
– Chicago Theater Beat




Praise for A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians:

A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Max Truax

” . . . inspired performances from the entire cast (especially Tiffany Bedwell as the chameleon-like pregnant girl, equal parts victim and monster).”
– New City Stage

” . . . [Kevin] Cox and [Tiffany] Bedwell dive in fearlessly, and the combustible chemistry they share made it impossible for me to stop watching, even during the most unpleasant sequences.”
– Chicago Tribune

“Romanians stars the always busy and never less than excellent [Kevin] Cox . . . and [Tiffany] Bedwell, whose silhouette and alert-but-weary vulnerability uncannily recalls Trap Door legend Nicole Wiesner. . . . Their wicked chemistry draws you in even as the playwright dares you to run screaming the other way.”
– Time Out Chicago

“Trap Door Theatre, which has made a specialty of producing avant-garde work from eastern Europe, brings first-rate ensemble acting and striking minimalist, multimedia design to Dorota Maslowska’s intriguing 2006 black comedy.”
– Chicago Reader

“The ensemble is amazing.”
– Chicago Stage Review

“The cast is all together exceptional with particularly spellbinding performances delivered by Kevin Cox, Tiffany Bedwell, Marzena Bukowska and Kinga Modjeska.”
– Chicago Stage Review




Praise for The Unconquered:

The Unconquered, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Beata Pilch
The Unconquered 2
The Unconquered, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Beata Pilch

“Beata Pilch’s production is pitiless and sharp, with extraordinary performances by Tiffany Bedwell as Girl and Kevin Lucero Less as Soldier.”
– Chicago Reader

The performances are thoroughly engaging, particularly [Tiffany] Bedwell’s febrile teen . . . .”
– Chicago Tribune

“Trap Door has amassed a solid, savvy acting and design team.”
– Time Out Chicago

“The impeccable ensemble churns out the insanity with unflinching focus and impeccable characterizations. There is NOTHING natural about this production and the cast delivers the toxic artificial ingredients to bizarre perfection.”
– Gay Chicago Magazine

“Highly Recommended!”




Praise for The Beastly Bombing:

beastly bombing 1
The Beastly Bombing, Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Kevin Remington

“an enthusiastic and lovable cast of lunatics… that might just help you laugh your way through the nightly news.”
-After Dark Chicago

“truly ingenious”
-The Chicago Tribune




Praise for Eva Perón:

nurse and mother
Eva Perón Trap Door Theatre, Dir. Beata Pilch

“Tiffany Bedwell is an erotic, multi-tasking wonder as Eva’s supposedly loyal nurse. She sparks with jealous fervor and the righteous indignation of the underprivileged.”
– Chicago Free Press

“the sharp, mercurial cast maneuver through Copi’s demanding script with mischievous grace”
-Chicago Reader

“the punk-rock stuff of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s nightmares”
-Timeout Chicago

“Nobody this side of Lake Michigan, does nihilistic debauchery with the howling, hyper sexualized panache of the Trap.”
-UR Chicago Magazine




Praise for Avenue A (EP Theatre):

“It’s smartly directed by Bradley M. Bartolo in the company’s casual Pilsen storefront and features a quartet of strong performances . . . . Joey (an electrifying Garrett Prejean) is a former con living with his injured brother, Chickie, and desperately trying to jump-start his life on the outside, despite a few obvious “quirks,” as his sweet-but-naive Italian girlfriend Rosa (a disarming Tiffany Bedwell) calls them.”
– Chicago Tribune




Praise for History of a Handgun:

History of a Handgun
History of a Handgun, Bruised Orange Thr. Co., Dir. Clint Sheffer

” . . . especially strong performances [from] Ann Sonneville as a wraithlike Iraq War vet and Tiffany Bedwell as her estranged gal pal . . . .”
– Time Out Chicago




Praise for Blasted (A Red Orchid Theatre):

“. . . [T]his unbelievable ensemble’s grasp of the subject matter, the theme and mood and their command of character (each dialect perfect thanks to the work of Tiffany Bedwell), sets A Red Orchid’s production far above that of most other theaters.”
– Centerstage Chicago


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